Letting Go // a digital short

A film about a boy growing up and a dad letting go.

SO excited about this piece… there seems to be less and less time these days to create outside of “work”. I mentioned this idea to my son Evan who just turned five years old and he was all about it.

Please enjoy this piece… as happy as I am about it, it also makes my heart hurt a little bit… the joy we have experienced with our little ones is immeasurable; I can’t imagine a day when they aren’t little anymore.


Author Ryan

Ryan is the founder of Epic Motion and Tell (Tell creates films for businesses and non-profits). He adores his wife and kids, he loves laughing and enjoys making people laugh... usually at his own expense.

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  • Tracey Coward

    This is the SWEETEST digital short ever!! So extraordinary to experience Evan’s first bike ride without training wheels!! Good job Evan! (and Daddy!)