Lauren + Jeff’s Same Day Edit

Lauren + Jeff Same Day Edit from Epic Motion on Vimeo.
I thoroughly enjoyed filming this wedding. Lauren + Jeff are two of my favorite people whose story I’ve had the privilege of shooting. Just super fun, and funny, easygoing – my favorite kind of people to work with.

In getting to know them before their wedding day, I learned that they have quite a history together. They met in high school during a Halloween party. Lauren was dressed as an angel, and Jeff was dressed as a hula girl, complete with a hula skirt, coconut bra, and a wig; the color of which is still up for debate. 9 years later, they showed up dressed as a bride and groom to get hitched at what turned out to be a really beautiful event.

I knew I wanted us to approach the Same Day Edit differently than we normally do. I wanted to really get their back story as a couple and incorporate their history leading up to their wedding day. So we spent some time with each of them individually, asking them to recall their past together and also what was going through their minds as they were hours away from getting married. I really think that having those story elements  made for a really nice piece that was more than just about the wedding day itself, but about their story as a couple.

Major props to Jason Baker, or fearless editor who pulled this piece off under much pressure, and to Stewart Smith and Marie Scheppman, our other ‘cinemagicians’ for the day whose expertise made for a great (and fun!) shoot.

An additional thanks to the Henry Ford Museum whose staff was extremely friendly and accommodating, as well as Deyo Studio in Birmingham for being such great sports and letting us get the shots we needed while they did some seriously great makeup action.


-John A







John Azoni

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