Hurula Family shoot with Shannon Williams Photography

By June 22, 2009 News

We LOVE the Hurulas so it was an obvious pleasure to film them. Shannon Williams took the lead on the photo shoot and we just did our thing. Shannon captured some AWESOME images that ended up in the Hurula’s Christmas card – that actually looked like an ad from Macy’s… it definitely competed with the Koral’s annual Christmas card.

Thanks to Grant (a former intern) that helped create this fun little montage – and congrats to him – he’s a new dad!

DJ Hurula is owner of onebrandstudio and is a mentor, friend, part-time dry-comedian, and all-around-stud.

Hurulas – we enjoy you guys so much.

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Ryan is the founder of Epic Motion and Tell (Tell creates films for businesses and non-profits). He adores his wife and kids, he loves laughing and enjoys making people laugh... usually at his own expense.

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  • EXCELLENT!! love this. fabulous work – had a great time working with you guys!

  • JimmyH says:

    what a beautiful family… i miss those guys.

  • DJ Hurula says:

    Hey… thanks again for doing this. So much fun to remember that day and see it from this perspective. Right back at you… we LOVE the Korals as well. And not just because you’re good with a video camera.

  • Scott Hurula says:

    Funny the things you find when you “google” your brother’s name! What a great video! We just got to vist them at the beginning of Aug. and saw some of the pics from this photo shoot, but not the video. So much fun to see this beautiful family interacting; so much love evident in every frame! (do you still say “frame” in this age of digital media?) Thanks for posting this!

  • john hurula says:

    What hurula family are you??

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