Sasha + Chris’s Wedding Trailer

Sasha + Chris’s Wedding Trailer

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Sasha and Chris are a couple of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I know, we say that about a lot of our couples, but I’m telling you it is true. From the time that we met (and I spilled my latte all over the place), they have been the most generous, kind, easy going and friendly couple I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I just felt connected with them from day one. In fact Sasha, out of the blue, sent me a message as I was reflecting on them, their wedding day and what I was going to write. Things like that don’t just happen, you know?

Just spending the day with them, I really got a picture into the love they have for each other: Chris’s sound-bytes speak into that. The day as a whole was beautiful… from beginning to end. And Sasha, you looked stunning in your wedding dress.

As I told Sasha when I replied back to her, I am a die hard Red Wings fan, but after meeting and shooting Chris, I’ll have a hard time rooting against the Predators… at least when he’s on the ice.

On a side note, it was my first time working with Jordin and Curtis Wiklund. You guys rocked! I can’t wait to work with you again! (and congrats).

Ceremony: Kensington Community Church Chapel // Venue: Royal Park Hotel



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