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Wedding “video” or wedding “videography” is much different in our minds than a wedding film. We believe that a wedding film is driven by story. Traditional wedding videography is more about having a camera and pointing it in as many different areas as possible in hopes of capturing some important moments. While there is still some finger-crossing that happens in wedding filmmaking, we approach the event as storytellers and film certain things for certain reasons – and avoid other things for other reasons. The following story touches on one of the differences of a traditional wedding “video” vs. a wedding film.

We had the honor of filming Brigitte and Kevin’s wedding a few months ago. Brigitte requested that at some point throughout the day we try and get a sound byte from her Godparents – mostly because her uncle was dying of cancer and she wanted to treasure any moment she could with him.

After interviewing, her aunt grabbed my hand and pulled me in… she whispered in my ear, “He is very sick…” At this point she was squeezing my hand extremely tightly… I didn’t know what to say other than, “I know. I’m so sorry.” It was an extremely emotional moment for me and I welled up with tears. Whew. Again, I’m reminded of what real love is: Commitment. Unconditional. Deep.

And now – they have this beautiful little nugget…

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  • http://www.northernlightfilmworks.com John Moon

    Content is king and this goes beyond that. Well done my friend.

    • http://www.epicmotion.com Ryan

      thanks, John. means a lot!!

  • JimmyH

    Pass the tissues! So beautiful.

    • http://www.epicmotion.com Ryan

      come here, you… :P

  • http://www.thechristianmanifesto.com C. E’Jon Moore

    Wow. Just…wow…this is moving.

    • http://www.epicmotion.com Ryan

      thanks, man! really appreciate the feedback :)