Ashley + John’s Wedding Trailer

By September 13, 2012 Weddings 2 Comments

I met Ashley early on in my wedding filmmaking career… she has been a huge support and has been a good friend to have within our industry. It was an absolute honor when she reached out to see if we could film her wedding day. We were delighted.

Bay Harbor, Petoskey, up north Michigan weddings… I mean… you can’t go wrong. I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful state. Ashley and John – GREAT choice of location for your wedding. And having a daughter of my own, I can’t help but get a frog in my throat listening to Ashley’s dad’s speech… amazing.

We hope this film gives you enough to hold you over until the rest of your wedding film is ready.


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  • Ashley

    Not sure how many times I have watched this now but it gets more beautiful every time :) Love you guys and thank you so much for capturing such a beautiful moment…. And I mean, how awesome is my dad…. ;)

    • Ryan

      so awesome. :) thanks, Ashley!!