Destination Wedding Video – Virgin Islands w/ Joe Simon Productions

By December 21, 2009 Weddings

One of the highlights of my year has been shooting destination weddings with some GREAT wedding filmmakers – namely Joe Simon from Austin, Texas and Andrew Hsu from San Jose, California. The most recent shoot was with Joe in the Virgin Islands. Joe had told me prior that he was shooting a “wedding on a boat…” in the Virgin Islands of all places. I was like, “Seriously?! Sign me up – and I’ll ask my wife later…” What sealed the deal was that I was able to bring my wife Andrea along for the trip which was super, super-rad.

The couple – Kim and Adam had secured the cruise ship for 3 nights – one day we shot the rehearsal, one day was the wedding, and the final day I filmed a session w/ Kim and Adam on the beach – oh – and don’t forget about the champagne and caviar they shared in waste deep ocean water on the beach of some hot little island. Seriously. Awesome.

Along with Joe, we worked with some really cool photogs – the guys from Table 4 (Jason and Andrew) based in Austin, Texas and Kim Le from Kim Le Photography in Southern California.

SeaDream Yacht – THANK YOU – for a time that we will never forget! Kim and Adam – you guys ROCK… thank you for your kindness and your hospitality. And thanks, Joe – you are incredibly gifted and I’m so honored that you had us join you for the ride on this one! Wedding-video-filmography-movies will never be the same. Hehe.

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